Tutorial 1: How to navigate around the racing track

This tutorial consists of the following steps:
  • Before learning how to sail, let's focus on steering. Your goal is to pass all the gates as shown by the arrows. In this lesson we will be using motor, which is not a normal way to propel a sailboat - the motor is only available to make things easier for beginners.
  • Click the motor button to go forward.
  • Now, the steering. Tilt left and right to make turns - and go through the START gate. Note: The motor has 2 speeds - you can tap it once more to go full speed, and the third click will stop the motor.
  • Now Gate 2... The next gate is always shown in the bottom left corner.
  • Always pass the gates so that the RED buoy is on your left, and GREEN one is on your right.
  • This means that sometimes you have to go through the gate from the other side, like Gate 4 in this track.
  • Congratulations - you can steer and navigate!