Rules of the game

The goal of the game is to complete tracks as quickly as possible by passing through all gates. You may want to avoid using motor (and fuel) and only use the natural power of the wind. Each track requires at least two laps to complete, and lap average time is calculated.

Before you start the race, plan your route depending on the weather conditions (wind strength and direction), and location and order of gates. Try various camera modes. Use two fingers to zoom in/out, tap and drag to pan or rotate view.


To pass through a gate, you have to cross the line between the red and the green buoys with the red mark on your left. The hint arrows that are displayed near your boat serve as a suggestion - you do not have to follow them if you decide that another route is better.

When the hint arrow turns red, it means that you have passed through a gate in a wrong direction. You will have to go back and then pass through the gate correctly.


Avoid collisions as these will add a penalty time (+2s for hitting a buoy, +60s for capsizing). When two yachts collide, the yacht that has right of way gets the smaller part of the +60s penalty. This means that each participant in a collision is considered responsible, so watch out for less experienced opponents! Follow the starboard over port and leeward over windward rules to minimize your collision penalty.

Try to avoid dangerous areas (shoals) as they decrease your speed and boat stability. Do not collide with islands or you may capsize.