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Little Sailor 4.5 for Windows Mobile/Smartphone

Revision history

New in version 4.5:

  • new: tutorial for new players
  • new: random track generator. You can adjust the number of gates, their order, gate span, track length, and shoals/islands
  • new: islands (you can't sail onto an island; colliding with an island may cause your boat to capsize)
  • new: auto-adjust sail mode – great learning aid: you only control rudder in this mode
  • new: achievements
  • new AI rudder control results in smoother movement
  • updated descriptions on direction hint arrow
  • displays reasons when the score is not affected (motor used, auto-adjust sail used, steady wind, non-standard track)
  • displays more information for all sailors once the race is completed: position, time elapsed, capsized count and penalty
  • lower penalties for very low speed yacht-yacht collisions
  • after capsize, the sail is raised automatically
  • male/female selection (affects some sounds)
  • other improvements
  • users who purchased versions 3.x can upgrade to 4.x for $3.

New in version 3.3:

  • restored the ability to play alone, without any opponents
  • now displays elapsed time between sailors in the race ranking
  • fixed flicker in the "sail range" control
  • increased penalty for hitting a buoy from 1s to 2s
  • other improvements

New in version 3.2:

  • in the "zoom boat" mode, zoom scale is preserved
  • other minor improvements

New in version 3.1:

  • fixed displaying the route when the race is completed
  • improved the "Suggest" (track) feature

New in version 3.0:

  • new "Suggest" feature that adjusts your opponents and suggests a track to sail
  • stronger AI opponents and new AI control
  • calibrated skill level of opponents
  • new, improved AI detection of dangerous areas and collision avoidance
  • more space between yachts on start
  • added two shoals on the Five Rocks track, for easier orientation
  • improved prediction of the rank during the race
  • improved control when sailing at low speed
  • improvements in the user interface

New in version 2.4:

  • initial orientation of boats in the race allows for faster start
  • continuous collision prediction model
  • improvements in the user interface

New in version 2.3:

  • AI opponents less aggressive and more watchful
  • new collision prediction model
  • calibrated AI skills
  • fixed boat trail not displayed (occurred extremely rarely)
  • improvements in the user interface

New in version 2.2:

  • score estimation algorithm now takes losses into account
  • improvements in the user interface
  • other minor improvements

New in version 2.1:

  • enhancement of the simulation model
  • improvements in the user interface
  • the 'P' key pauses the game
  • most actions (motor on/off, sail up/down) have keys assigned, see controls
  • minor fixes