Little Sailor (2D version) controls: Mast, Sail, Rudder, Motor

On-screen buttons

open the menu
 show all yachts and gates ("zoom all") / follow your yacht
(press B or zero)
zoom in
(press N, 5, or +)
zoom out
(press M, 8, or -)
  game: start new / run / pause
(press P to pause)
display settings
Auto-adjust sail mode press A

Sailboat controls

To control your boat, use hardware cursors, keys, stylus or finger as shown below.

Mast: tap to raise or lower the sail.
Use keys: 4, 7, S, or s.

Trimming the sail: tap and drag up or down. Drag up to let the sail out, drag down to tighten (pull it in).
Use keys: up and down.
Rudder: tap or drag on either side of the rudder to adjust it. Tap the boat to make it go straight.
Use keys: left, right, action/select/enter/space.

Motor: tap on the vertical bar to adjust throttle.
Use keys: 6, 9, R, or r.
Watch the sailboat rear view to see it tilt and avoid capsizing!