Top Sailor 7.6 for Android and iOS released!


New in version 7.6:

  • Stretchable controls that reflect both current and target position of each control (sail trim, rudder, sail raising)
  • Improved configuration of controls in the Settings menu
  • New wind speed+direction indicator – the actual wind is shown as it changes instead of a small static icon. If you look carefully you will notice that the animation starts in a "fast forward" mode and quickly shows a few minutes of wind that you will encounter when you start sailing. Water traces indicate strength and direction of wind. When the "fast forward" animation ends, time is rewound and the wind and telltale behaves just as it will behave once you start sailing (with the normal pace of passing time)
  • Fixed the placement of gates in random track generator
  • “Text bubbles” appear near boats when some amount of penalty time is added
  • Improved animations and sound when a race is completed
  • Improved rudder simulation
  • Improved control and navigation of AI bots
  • Improved camera movement in course flyover mode
  • Fixed sail trim control that was hard to use in auto-sail mode when the boat was about to capsize
  • Fixed an extremely rare crash in GUI when pressing many buttons simultaneously
  • Fatter, more realistic buoys
  • Sails become transparent when they are close to camera and would obscure the view
  • Android: Hardware buttons for audio volume control now adjust global system media volume. You can still adjust Top Sailor individual sound and music volume in the settings menu
  • During the race, D-pad (Directional pad/cursor keys) can be used to control the boat
  • Various improvements in GUI and display

In addition to this Top Sailor release, you can download the updated, free "Yoles Martinique" game (also version 7.6) that is based on the Top Sailor sailing simulator.