Arch nemesis


Ok, I give up. I have sailed my thumb raw. Where on Neptune's blue seas is the other arch?

While you are at it, are there any other surprise achievements? I think I conquered the rest.

We are sorry for your injured thumb! This achievement is still incomplete in the current version. We will add more locations, more arches and more surprise achievements in the near future!

Hint: there are 16 total achievements including the hidden ones ;>

Is there another arch yet? I'm having a difficult time finding that one. Also interested if anyone knows the name / actions for the achievements under Shy or the bottom-most achievement on the list (under Magellan).

No more arches yet... as to Magellan... sailing far :-)

Hello! Thanks for the reply!
Since I know you're listening. Thanks for this great game. I really love it. I hope it has been $$ worth the trouble for you to have created and maintained it.

About achievements...
I saw one more in the IOS Game Center, listed below Magellan. Game Center doesn't seem to be around anymore, but I'm still curious. An explorer wants to see everything, right?
I wonder if you would be willing to list the achievement names? Perhaps I could list all I have and ask if you see one missing?

Either way. Thanks for this great app!

As of version 7.2 of Top Sailor, there are 3 arches to discover.

I just found that this runs on my iOS device again! All three arches!

Thanks again. This app is a work or art.