Race start time and on-line racing


Two questions:

1) is there a way for the start of the race to be timed like in real racing? If not this feature would make your game even better.
2) are there plans to be able to play on line and race against other sailers live and in real time like in e-regatta? I believe a feature like this in your game would push this game over the top!

Opinions? Thoughts? Developer?

Wonderful sailing game thank you! I would even consider paying for this game to race other on line users!
You also should consider making the view fixed. Every time I capsize I ruin the view when putting up the main.

  1. Currently, the time of each boat is calculated separately, from the moment it passes the START gate until it reaches the FINISH gate. The current approach is better suited for typical usage scenarios on mobile devices, but maybe in the future we will introduce an option for a "synchronized" start time.
  2. Yes, this is on our veeeery long "to do" list.

The first new features to be added will be two more boat types and a number of new realistic tracks. See the free, ad-supported "Yoles Martinique" sailing simulator for an example.