Wind Direction


Great IMO on the OS platform. But, what's with the wind going all over the dial. I expect to see some variables with regard to wind such as strength and direction(+/- 30 degrees). However, often times in Top Sailor, I'm cruising to a gate that requires a 180 turn with wind to port and as soon as I get through the gate, the wind will shift by over 90 degrees....really! You work hard to get in the lead only to have the game throw some wildly unrealistic wind direction change at you. I guess the developers thought it was supposed to add a challenge or something but it doesn't. It makes the game frustrating. It penalizes you. Not good. Makes me want to stop playing. Anybody else?

Just did a few races....I give up. Wind consistently changes 180 degrees and it's not realistic except in a hurricane. Shame....great game otherwise, but the crazy wind shifts completely ruins it. Will be deleting.