Any news?? release date?


Hi all,
I'm not into sailing but can you give some release date for Little SAilor? Or post more screenshots at least:P the one on the web page seems cool and maybe I could just learn basics of sailing. thanks!

Hi MisterB,

The truth is that LittleSailor is "ready" since a year ago, but there are always new ideas and I prefer not to release it until it is completely finished. Otherwise your games would not be comparable between different versions.

And the recent idea is to run a server with scores and recordings, so that players can submit their games and compete with others worldwide (and also see their runs!). I hope this will be done in cooperation with Toyspring, however the idea requires quite a lot of work and many changes in the existing source which causes delays...

Oh, another option added recently is the ability to design user tracks. And define shallow areas...

I posted another screenshot :-)