Lock view angle?


Can you lock your viewpoint? I slip off or miss the sheet line and mess up my view angle, go under the boat, so on, the only thing I don't like about your app.

Currently, there is no way to make taps inside the view area ignored, so they will rotate the view. Some probably helpful actions and workarounds are:
  • to restore the default view you had, click the "camera mode" button when a green-background arrow is visible in this button, or:
  • press the "camera mode" button until a list of view modes appears, and select the one you want, or:
  • use the other axis of tilt to control sail trim (this can be activated in options so that you do not need to touch the screen at all).
We actually never experienced the problem of missing the sheet line, but starting with version 5.10 we have additionally enlarged the screen area that controls sliders.