Wonderful app! Hard to find.


Just discovered this incredible app. I am not a sailor, or wasn't, but now I want to be. For now, I enjoy randomly sailing off into the distance, and learning how to handle the wind.

I am wondering why this app is so hard to find. I just happened to stumble on it, several pages deep into the list of apps in the "Samsung Apps" app on my android. After playing with it, I wanted to leave a positive review at Google Play, but could not find it there. Such an excellent app needs to be more easily discoverable.

Thanks for this great experience.

Using wind and a simple sailboat to get anywhere you want is great, isn't it :-) Top Sailor is just a little step towards becoming a real sailor... nice to hear you like it!

The simulator is not yet available in Google Play, but it will be uploaded there this year. Why is this app so hard to find... you mean to find by looking for something specific, or just that it should be promoted? Help us spread the good word both online and off-line, and it will become easier to find :-)