Tiller function


Sliding the tiller control right side of the screen should move the rudder to the left side and turn the bow left. Instead it works backwards. This is a pretty big disconnect from real sailing, and you should offer at least a way to change the controls from what may be "intuitive and easy" to what is accurate.

Let us control the tiller, not the rudder!



Indeed, the default is the behavior that makes control easier for most users, but you can change it – see Advanced Settings → Reverse rudder left/right.

But, in the Advanced Settings, when one reverses the rudder to make it tiller intuitive, the control by-tilt then becomes counter-intuitive! For us real sailors, would it be possible to have an option which allows us to reverse the rudder so it steers like a tiller, while leaving the tilt orientation at default? This would be particularly appropriate if in the future your physics allow for hull drift and sailors want to use luff to reverse into a new tack, for which we'd need to manually position the tiller.

Obviously I'm a novice at your very beautiful game, but I would love for a sailing simulator to reinforce sailing skills without forcing you to unlearn real-world acquired reflexes. Thank you!

I want to reverse the rudder settings on my android tablet yet I cannot find any advanced settings