iPad and v5.3


Hi, I have been enjoying Top Sailor and was starting to master the controls.
But the app has started crashing on start up. This is a problem that increased with time. So I think it might be a settings issue? Any suggestions?


Can you ensure that you have downloaded and you are using the most recent version?

If so, please let us know when exactly the crash occurs and what are the symptoms?


After my original post I uninstalled and then reinstalled the app onto my iPad.

I did not change many of the settings after restoring to ensure it was not something I had done on my first install, where I had played with a large number of setting changes. (this time I only turned tilt steering off and reversed the steering).

This fixed the issue until today when the app is again crashing during start up. It sometimes makes it to the ''click to play screen" but usually crashes on the title page before making it there. If it does make it to the 'click to play' screen then it crashes after touching the screen. I can also report that there was a crash mid game before this round of start up crashes. It played one or two more games after this crash before freezing during start up.

I have just again uninstalled and reinstalled the app. This causes any saved data to be lost, and starts again in the sailing school. But again Top Sailor is sailing as it should.

I can confirm that I am running v5.3, on an ipad1.

I hope that helps. When this app is working it is brilliant.

This seemed to be an "insufficient memory" problem, and it has been fixed in version 5.4. Thanks for reporting!

The new version has fixed all my crashing issues. It is a magic game! Love it!