Reviews and testimonials

Tom Lochhaas reviewed an older version of Top Sailor for iPhone/iPad/iPod in the guide.

Here are some of the reviews from users of our sailing simulator:

★★★★★ Great sailing simulation + racing by quadcap

This app caught me a little off guard... From the screenshots I was expecting a good looking but "arcadey" sail racing game. Instead I found a pretty good simulator that has decent controls and a believable physics model. Sometimes it's hard to tack without losing momentum, and a bad gybe get result in a capsize.

Wind is shown in a thumbnail view, or optionally in visible 3d wisps through the air. To sail well you have to worry about sail angle, wind angle, drift and momentum. Relative wind also seems to factored in. Animation and graphics are smooth on the new iPad.

There's a number of different race layouts, you sail on corrected time with up to six other computer opponents and real life strategies work in the game. Sometimes the "variable winds" are a bit unrealistic in the wildness of the shifts, but you can change the setting for that.

You can sail freely without racing too, just don't go through the start gate at the beginning.

In addition to being a fun game, the best compliment I can give Top Sailor is that it can easily be used to teach the real principles of sailing, I used it to show my daughters some ideas about falling off a bit to increase boat speed and improve VMG instead of pointing as high as possible.

A recording mechanism lets you save and playback races from any angle so you can analyze and coach as well.

If there's any downside it's that it is so good you want more: different types of boats and local or Internet multiplayer would be great. Don't let that you from getting it now though because what's there is very polished.

★★★★★ It's the sailors life for me

Sensational sailing app, can't fault it, technical enough to mimic real sailing, intuitive enough to pick up and start playing. Both novice and advanced sailors will enjoy this app. Looks stunning on my iPad.

★★★★★ ...wie in der Opti-Schule damals

...hab zwar lange nicht mehr in einem Segelboot gesessen, aber das Spielerlebnis deckt sich mit meinen Erinnerungen an meinen Optimist-Segelschein. Soweit ich das beurteilen kann, verhält nich das Boot realistisch. Die Steuerung ist ok, der Wind ist schön dargestellt. Ich will im Sommer mal wieder Segeln und gucke mir mit der App an, wie man Pinne und Baum aufeinander abstimmt.

★★★★★ Che bello!

Ci ho giocato per ore su Palm (ma allora era una versione 2D) e sono felice di ritrovare questa semi-simulazione di vela per iOS.

★★★★★ Exellent!

Très réaliste, conseillé à tous les fannas de voile!!!

★★★★ Отлично

Хороший симулятор игра в плане физического движка. Из минусов: немного запутанное меню, в процессе игры нет возможности зафиксировать точку обзора, графика на айпаде на 3. К сожалению, нет русского языка. Также желательно иметь возможность видеть больше параметров на экране и иметь возможность настроить их отображение в разных частях экрана. Играть интересно, особенно если с управлением парусом не знаком, можно чему-то научиться.