Top Sailor 7.2 for Android released!

What's new in version 7.2:
  • Default camera view can now be quickly restored if the view has been rotated by the user
  • Improved control of AI bots
  • There are now 3 arches to discover
  • Softer and more realistic loudness of wind sound
  • Added French translation and partial German translation (community-based)
  • More devices are now officially supported
  • Fixed white triangle artefacts that appeared near water on some Samsung and HTC devices
  • Fixed black horizontal line near the horizon that appeared on low-end devices
  • Support for wide screens (aspect ratio of 18:9 and higher)
  • Game sound is now properly associated with game/media audio stream
  • Power consumption is now minimal when the app is in background
  • Minor fixes in game logic
  • Lots of improvements in GUI and graphics
In addition to the Top Sailor release, you can download the updated, free "Yoles Martinique" game (also version 7.2) that is based on the Top Sailor sailing simulator.